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A muddy mess fest of games involving massive amounts of water and mud. Mud sports (ie football), obstacle course, pig sty, mud pits.
We dug up the field, with a firehose we soaked the entire thing and then the Slopfest ensued.
by deagan April 20, 2012
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1.noun. derived from the old english 'festival of slop'.
2. mcdonalds, burger king, taco bell, wendys, pizza hut, jack in the box, hardees, 7 eleven, kfc, country buffet, or any similar fast food establishment.
Q: where would you like to dine this evening darling?

A: i only gots 5 bucks, so it will have to be the slopfest.
by dave4817 December 04, 2003
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an area or place thats getting very slopy-
when you go to a party and all of the people are incredibly wasted. all of the girls are getting sleezy, the noise levels are way too high, its really hot from all of the sweating people, and the cops could be showing up any time.
guy1- dude this place is a total slop-fest

guy2- i know man i think im gonna take off soon
by boratkstand October 16, 2006
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1.) a girl who gets so severely intoxicated at a party that despite how good looking she may be, her rambling and overt slutish behavior turn her off to everyone (sometimes can be used toward a male, but that can be risky)

2.) a party that is either one of epic proportion or spans more than two consecutive days (the latter party mainly occurs with large groups of hippies)
"Damn girl, you are quite the slopfest tonight!"


"Remember that time I sold my Volkswagen and bought enough LSD to keep us tripping for a week? That was a total slopfest, man."
by C.J.G. - Jew Slice, yo. January 05, 2005
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1. A party usually involving drinking, that is sloppy generally due to a lot of ugly girls and a lot of puke and things getting broken.

2. A person who is acting sloppy usually due to intoxication
Dude that party last night was so slopfest.

Will just fell on his face in the middle of the street... He's so slopfest
by MCJV November 08, 2010
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