1) A mess.

2) A cop hangout.
1) Clean up your room, it looks like a pig sty.

2) Don't be dealing outside of 7-11. That place is a total pig sty.
by Lithane December 1, 2009
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a cop hang-out, like Dunkin' Donuts, Krispy Kreme, or the police station.
You must be a fucking idiot trying to rob a pig sty like Dunkin' Donuts. Have fun up north, bitch.
by Nick D April 5, 2003
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My mum says when my room is messy it looks like a pig's sty.
"your room is an absolute pig's sty!"
by Smelly-pants July 24, 2009
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The pigs arrested my brother and he's in the pig sty.
by Abdul April 17, 2003
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Honey, I am at the pig sty because the cops thought I was doing weed.
by Joseph Heston April 28, 2021
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The pig rustlers might steal your pigs right out of your fucking pig pen if you left it open overnight.
A pig sty this nice you should keep locked.
by The Original Agahnim February 2, 2022
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