To move like a snake or just move from one place to another
by PaddyFab November 12, 2013
The act of moving your body upwards during a period of making out in an effort to obtain fellatio (blowjob) from the partner (can also be used for cunnilingus (eating out), but rarely). Such action usually requires a back and forth (left and right) movement to gain the needed height difference and can be enhanced with a hand to head encouragement motion.
"I tried to slither up on Megan last night but got turned down, 5 times."

"Sliver me timbers!" (used to make fun of those who have attempted at slithering and failed)
by zachatk April 15, 2009
to get fucked up, crunk,or trashed etc
Man, right after I get off work I'm swingin' by the and pickin' up a fifth a' some Takka an' gettin' slithered.
by andrew May 22, 2004
(v.) caught being a snake
Susan got slithered when she was making out with Brad last night.”
by Mae Kae Sunner June 11, 2019
While driving or moving forward, "slither" means to keep moving straight. "s" stems from the beggining of both straight and slither.
george-"yo which way now?"
by andre b 90 June 11, 2010
slither - to do something sneaky or to steal or trick someone
I to slither out of the house because I was grounded.
by Sheariah March 21, 2006
Slitherer - Reptian like behavior of covert enemies who act as friends but are constantly injecting their venom, by word and action, trying to sabotage your life. A frenemy whose intent is hidden until they put the bite on you covertly.
She is worse than a frenemy! She's a slitherer! Tell you sister to watch out, she bit my sister and almost destroyed her life!
by ReallySUX2BUdontIt? March 6, 2021