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When you're talking to someone but not quite in a relationship the slang is that you are 'sliming' them
Allison is apparently sliming that Blaire kid
by clubpenguinfun June 03, 2016
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The art of acting cheesy around girls to try and pull. Often used by arrogant people.
Look at that twat sliming them girls over there
by Raddy February 13, 2005
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when you a checking someone out/tryig it on
"Tys been sliming that chik all night"

"what you sliming for slimer?! you ent gonna get none!"
by LissiD June 22, 2009
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To continuously wire into your iphone in the hope of closing a girl at the end of each night.
He is known for his sliming. It's such a standard move to be sliming all night long on facebook and on whatsapp without being able to close.
by ABC KING May 29, 2011
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Prison Slang for inmate making like a chimpanzee when they engage in flinging. Look up Bing and you will realize what they're flinging. It's slang for using own waste as a weapon, it's extremely gross. This will torque those in polite company if you explain the term as it gets pretty damn graphic.
"Twenty-nine-year-old Danielle Strong is accused of throwing, spitting or smearing bodily fluids on a jail employee April 9. Each felony charge carries a maximum sentence of two years in prison and a $4,000 fine." as the website from PIERRE, SD noted a high profile case of the gross weapon of one's own spit, piss or feces. This is know as "Sliming" as I heard the term on Lockup when a nurse was talking about pulling feces out of her hair. Such criminals are sometimes are put in solitary naked.
by ilinoishorrorman January 20, 2018
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