Cool shit such as clothing, accessories or just a drippy person in general
by Purveyorofslime March 6, 2020
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"was hannin' SLIME"
"what up 44" "what up SLIME"
"Shout-out my mucus, ayy ayy, ayy
'Cause you know that be my slime... That n**** that be my slime sli-sli-slime sli-sli-slime slime"
by DaILLESTp i m p January 24, 2019
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Satisfying, Gooey, Sticky, Jiggly, Stretchy, and Fluffy
We Made fluffy Slime At My friend's House Today!!!!!!!!!!1111
by Qfvdc May 14, 2018
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A slime is a hairless thin gay man who applies lubricant to his entire body to easily slip in and out of orgies.
Gay man 1: I keep trying to fuck that slime but he just keeps squirming away from.

Gay man2: Thats a slime for ya ;)
by Bangcock Dangerous April 14, 2018
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Slime is a some very goood weed. It can be used for all types, streching from some good ass reg to some gank ass sour diesel.
You can tell if weed is slime by the color, texture, smell, and how high you got after a minimum of 10 hits. There are some different variations of the word to fit to the situation.
"Damn I'm slimey (high) as shit!"

"I smoked a blunt of that shit last night, its some slime."

"This weed is deffinitly some slime-alakum"

"YERT me get a dime of that slime"

by Ryan Baus April 8, 2009
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