A term used to describe cum that comes out of a persons ass after anal sex.
After Lisa and I had anal sex she had so much slime come out onto my bed.
by JesusFag October 9, 2016
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Only capalot could use this slatt
Slime say go
by Capalott12121 April 21, 2021
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Can be used to refer to a brother, friend, homie, etc. who partakes in the same slimey habits such as making someone cry and as a result causing snott and slime to come from the nose. Another slimey instance could be making a bitch wet or being a snake and tricking someone moving around in a slimey grimey way. In some cases, fraternal pledge classes who underwent hazing rituals involving slime would be slime.
by slim chance December 5, 2020
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Man 1 : "Haha u just swallowed my slime bro."
Man 1's bro: "Damn it rlly 🅱️ like that my bad."
Man 1's bro: "No homo tho"
by Lil schmete September 16, 2018
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Slime means bae or fake girlfriend/boyfriend. It could also mean lover or side hoe
Emma- He asked me to be his slime

Vanessa- oooh get you some

Emma- shut up we just hug and say I love you to one another
by User124599 April 27, 2019
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To semen on somebody, and then squish your bodies together so it gets everywhere.
Note: A preferred act by older men.
pervo men like it
boy Let's have sex tonight.
girlI can't.
boy awh! why?
girlTime of the month.
boyWanna slime?
girl yeah
by ileftmynametagonthebus June 10, 2008
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