A live trending slang word that means “I’m good and I didn’t even try” Created by Calvin “Bird” Merriweather
by XxxBeatitxxX October 7, 2018
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Working part time. Based off the song "Slight Work" by Wale ft Big Sean.
"How is your load this semester?"
"Pretty busy, taking 4 classes and got slight work at Wells Fargo"
by MoMoney8181 December 26, 2011
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when you're into bdsm but you're a fragile noodle, you might do things like biting, hair pulling, grabbing that kind of stuff
I'm into slight bdsm
by kkkmmsss February 29, 2016
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something you say when you do something big but try to be modest about it
Guy 1: yeah bruh i made that bitch cum last night you know sumn' slight

Guy 2: nigga dont be modest you should brag about that shit
by OutKast4ever April 17, 2013
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A very complex sex act. First you play twister with the girl while mid way into the game you slip it in. Then you blind fold her while you secretly shit in her mouth. Then you take pepper and smer it on her vagina while attempting to circumcise youself and proceed to copulate
That girl is a freak. She wanted a triple with slight from sauce. (Darrion)
by Darrionwiththedoubles December 28, 2018
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Staying on your grind and doing ya thing when nobody around to tell you that you're doing a good job
He went out to the field with a couple friends n put in that slight work
by Bruh312 August 18, 2015
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An incident in where someone has pulled a bit of pranking onto someone else. The main instances in which this would happen, is after someone has done something funny uponst someone else, you have the ability to communicate verbally your opinion on a joke.
Person 1: "Hey I just saw Joe walking by."
Person 2: "Who?"
Person 1: "Joe."
Person 2: "Who asked, dumbass. You're fucking retarded."
Person 3: "Damn, he really managed to do a slight amount of trolling."
by DoggoHolmes February 15, 2022
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