Subtle shade throwing. Not meant to cause distress but enough shade to make your contempt felt in passing.
Had to throw slight shade at my girlfriend's ex to let him know what time it is in these streets.
by BoomShelele January 11, 2019
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A smile given when you are trying to save someone in a bad situation, you are upset or sad but you don't want to show it.
"I told her to get something for me. I was being lazy. I take full responsibility." Phoenix lied to the teacher, as she gave a slight smile to Sophia.
by Elizabeth Lynn November 9, 2013
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When you are stunting for no particular reason and are trying to downplay it to make it seem that this is an everyday occasion .
example 1 :
Parker: Q What yall drinking tonight?

Me: All we have is red berry ciroc, patron and grey goose , sumthin slight .
Example 2 :

Jack: Q Where your car at ?

Me: I'm in the range rover aint feel like bringin out the lambo today , sumthin slight ..

Example 3:

Remond: Daggg you smash heather and Jessica in the same night ?

Me: Yeah , sumthin slight .
by Nedyal Lay Lay September 22, 2011
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A slight-mist is when a person masturbating gently sprays liquid out of a spray bottle into their anus.
Bobby: "Sometimes I find a slight-mist refreshing."
Ricky: "Dude! It's the best!"
by Juan El Paso December 6, 2012
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A homosapien with a slightly longer chin than others. From the primate order of the gibbon, the chunkier-chinned monkey.
Look at the man yorder, he's got quite a slight gibbo. Lets throw monkey-shit at him
by BarryTheCrab June 4, 2010
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When someone who is supposedly a friend almost immediately deletes any posts by you or gifts from you on Facebook, even if they are private. It indicates that they are only willing to be your friend if nobody else knows.
Erin: What's Louie's problem these days?

Jack: Oh- Marsha is constantly Facebook slighting him.
by lovesmenot January 31, 2009
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The absolute most amazing Biology teacher on this earth. Sombody who can give some crazy awesome Lifeology lessons. He is unforgettable.
Man, who is that cool Biology techer over there, ha yea thats Coach Slight!
by Probs! December 8, 2010
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