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An offensive term used to insult someone for being sneaky or slick. Occasionally used as flattery to describe a male player who sleeps with multiple women.
1. That Slick Dick motherfucker screwed me out of the deal!

2. "You slept with Sarah and Vicky?" "That's awesome, Slick Dick"
by Christopher Perkins May 15, 2008
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Someone who is a smooth talker or smoocher and at the same time a dickhead.
He's a slickdick -that manages to date (fuck )two girls at the same time and keep them from knowing of eachother.
by Edwardval July 25, 2005
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(Alternitive Definition)

A man whose penis appears as though it is slimy, greasy, or oiled up all the time. A penis that is shiny, when it really should not be. Often found on desperate perverts who take shameless dick-selfies.
Hey Mike, if you ever send me another picture of your slick dick, we are no longer friends
by Oxford Dicktionary October 07, 2013
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Slick Rick has a slick dick, so do girls with skates on who get stuck in a blow storm.
by Matt F April 16, 2004
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