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A porn cracking god. He can crack anything you through at him. He can even crack through steel. Hes got all the porn passes ever. He also enjoys watching the porn and making some of his own porn videos.
Sliar is AMAZING.
by [IW]Bologna July 10, 2008
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A god in the world of pornography password cracking who is known for his generosity in sharing that in which he receive. Someone who many kids wish to grow up to be one day.
Sliar said let there be porn, and there was, lots...
by RAdamWilliams July 11, 2008
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1)A horny son of a bitch, that will not only crack exclusive porn passes, but will also share them with his fellow members of any site that he goes to.

2)A sneaky bastard that won't tell us how he cracks his passes.
Bangbros is for Sliar because he can crack it like nothing.
by Dragon Lord July 10, 2008
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Sliar- v.

Sliar , japenese for " One who Steals The Kings Password. Sliar originally originated From the person Insert Name Here. Sliar , in old British Terms, was the name of the story that tells the tale of a young boy who became king. Everyday the boy would deliver the milk to the people around the Town of InWarez, until one day when the boy spilled Milk over his Majesty. The King, almost as furious as King Louie The Third, threw the boy away to the dungeons. The boy would desperately try to talk to the guards, yet to no avail would the guards listen. Until one day when the local villagers of the town staged an attack on the King. The Villagers the morning before the attack gave the milkboy a " password " to say when they would look for him throughout the castle. After every BanG! he heard the Milkboy would yell out a password or phrase so that the villagers would find him. After taking out the guards, the Milkboy decided to have his revenge on his evil king. As The Milkboy ran out of the dungeon . through the ballows and toward the tower he noticed a White Horse with a Silver Radiance of Pureness and Hope. As he gently stroked the white horse while whispering something under his mouth into its ear , he zoomed off toward the Tower of The King. As he made his way up the long dreary stairs, the king tried everything in his power to stop the Milkboy, but nothing could stop the Milkboy from uttering a sign or remorse. ( HAHAHA utter.) As The Milkboy finally reached the top room he grabbed a sword and battled the King with all the might he could pull from his body and soul. The King soon drew weary of the battle and decided to jump right out the window. The Milkboy , puzzled , runs to the window and sees the King , on his white horse laughing at his attempt to get away. The King then yelled out " You FAT @$$ move it or become thy's royal dinner", which the Milkboy then Said ," It wont move... unless you got a password >:" The King horrer strucken looked at the mob of angry villagers make there way towards him. " WHATS THE PASSWORD!," the King yelled out with great tears of agony arising from his soul. The Milkboy said," Sliar............". Yet it has been to late as the angry villagers were already stabbing the King with pitchforks. From that day on the Milkboy was Crowned " The Password King of InWarez" or " Sliar".
Ex: Sliar, just cracked 6 BANGBROS ACCOUNTS!!!!!

Ex2: Who needs to buy when you has a Sliar Card. Wheres your wallet?
by DubHalo July 14, 2008
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Password guy aka knows which are the most used passwords so knows how to crack pr0n, megaupload, rapidshare, etc.
Kickass guy that make tosses with his cracked accounts. Sometimes he gives them away for free, though the leechers change th passes so only he has the account without sharing.
Also, S Liar is a shortcut for "Super Liar", "Spread Liar", "Snicky Liar".
Better definitions?
by Zionn July 10, 2008
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