When someone is masturbating in their sleep.
Miranda: "Elias isn't at school because he's probably doing his two favorite things - sleeping and masturbating."
David: "He's probably doing them at the same time. He's sleeping off!"
by Rain Panda February 25, 2011
where a person stays off school/college for a certain amount of time via sleeping in before going into the educational vacility
luke: i might sleep off first lesson tommorow
ryan: why?
luke: got overdue coursework. cba to do it tonight.
by LukeG33 February 9, 2009
Masturbating for the sole purpose of falling asleep. Used when you have to get a good night's sleep but you're not tired.
Guy 1: Dude I have to go to a job interview tommorrow morning, we shouldn't have chugged all those Red Bulls.

Guy 2: Don't worry. I brought a Playboy, just go sleep-off in the bathroom. You'll be drowzy in no time.

Guy 1: Thanks man.
by naylordude June 16, 2009
When a woman has just had sex with a man and says "I think I need to sleep off the meat "
by Fierox March 12, 2017
Originated from the term "walk it off", sleep it off is when you sleep to get rid of physical pain when you wake up.
Person 2: Don't worry about it, sleep it off.
by PrinceKelso January 2, 2011