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A word yelled before someone gets hit by a computer.
Guy: *laughing after owning someone in Counter Strike*
Other guy: HAX! *computer flies and hits guy*
by PrinceKelso September 23, 2010

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Originated from the term "walk it off", sleep it off is when you sleep to get rid of physical pain when you wake up.
Person 2: Don't worry about it, sleep it off.
by PrinceKelso January 02, 2011

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An age group actually really stupid, but their reputation is made worse by Encylopedia Dramatica.
In their article, it states that "13 year olds can also be from 10 to 18." Too bad ED is too stupid to realize that they are the ones 19+ writing articles on teenage boys...just saying. Oh, and this definition will cause a large amount of butthurt from EDers.
EDer: Fuck, this definition on 13 year old boys is really pissing me off! I'm gonna post this on ED so I can get all of my pedophile friends to back me up!
by PrinceKelso November 29, 2010

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You Can't Fix Stupid
Ron White: But let me tell you something, folks: You can't fix stupid(YCFS). There's not a pill you can take; there's not a class you can go to. Stupid is forever.
by PrinceKelso May 12, 2011

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What disappoints fathers more than anything else. These kinds of people tend to date guys that are assholes, and dress like the village whore to get attention.
Father: Hey daughter, why are you dressed in short jean shorts, leather boots, and a buttoned open vest with a few pounds of makeup and lipstick on?

Daugher: Oh, I'm off to see Rocco, my boyfriend who treats me like shit.
by PrinceKelso September 11, 2010

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A boy that you grow up and love, and proud of...until they rebel against you in every way possible from listening to music, like political views and religious views.
Father: I'm a member of the conservative party, and am Christian.

Son: I'm an atheistic liberal who listens to Marilyn Manson, who encourages me to rebel against my parents.
by PrinceKelso September 11, 2010

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