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A measure of wine.

When the bartender asks your lady friend if she would like a small or large wine, with good intentions she starts to order a small.
But due to being a borderline alcoholic she can't resist but change it to a large.
gentleman "a pint for me and a dry white wine for the lady please"

bartender "small or large miss?"

lady friend "I'll have a Sss... slarge please"

gentleman under his breath "bloody lush"
by lord tulli June 08, 2013
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sloppy and large
girls between the ages of 16-19 that are excessively overweight and have bipedal displacement issues, and waddle or spin/turn as they step. but in order to be slarge the girl must be exceedingly obnoxious and annoyingly outspoken. match that with the ignorance and disrespect to sit and wreck peoples couches or chairs or any other thing that their obesity would destroy.
the slarge's total being is so far gone that it affects the shape of sound they form in words, much like the sound of gigantic tubes flayling about with the wind almost whistling through
'oooohhh(any obese related stretch or mutation of words, jumbled sentence or sound)'
'oh man, i think slarge is coming, dont let her see us'
by Dominic St. Pierre December 05, 2006
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the size between small and large clothing.
Hey man toss me that slarge shirt, the small and the large don't fit me.
by austin friend or foe February 20, 2011
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