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A drinking game. Comprised of a set of people standing in a circle. One person at a time takes a shot of alcohol, and is immediately slapped in the face as hard as possible by the person to their left.

The person to the right of the person who was just slapped then takes a shot, and the process is continued. It is preferable if this game is video taped. Created by Malcom Murfin.
"Dude, Lindsay got slapped so hard by Malcolm last night playing Slapshots."
by davegoldblatt3000 January 27, 2009
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When you do a shot of hard alcohol and then someone slaps the hell out of you as your chaser
Jerry always does slap shots with Marcy because he gets off on girls hitting him.
by attacktobor April 09, 2007
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When recieving head, you pull out before you bust and slap the bitch across the face with your hard cock then blow a load in her face.
So I was getting dome and then I gave her the slap shot to finish off.
by C Ster March 09, 2008
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a move in which semen is whipped across a womens face. a man does the girl doggy style, spits on her back so she thinks he blew his load then taps her on the shoulder, when she turns around, the semen that he has ejaculated into his hand is slapeed across her face.
Daren nailed tina with a slapshot!!! she was pissed!
by The dude January 06, 2005
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When after passing gas you slap it towards the opponent AKA friend/family member and say slap shot when they get a whiff of it!
I slap shotted my girlfriend while sitting on the couch during a movie
by Binx75 November 22, 2014
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When a man slaps a woman with an erect or semi-erect penis.
Did you hear about Zach pulling a SlapShot on that drunk girl at that party, it was hilarious!
by ZStan June 12, 2010
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A term used by hockey players when they slap there stick and pucks(penis and balls)in the groupies face. Also know as a "slap shot".
Kris: Last night after the game I booty called Nicole and Steph to come over and i gave both them hoes a slap shot in the face.
by Muff Gagger January 22, 2009
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