1)Slapstick is a type of comedy relating exaggerated physical violence and activities which go beyond the boundaries of ordinary sense
2) the thing hanging between a male's legs that is commonly slaped
1)billy enjoyed the wathing the slapstick comedy
2)Alex Nelson feverishly played with his slapstick, becouse he's tired of being called teo pump
by The Twin December 21, 2009
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when a man is about to jizz and the girl is un aware of it and he hits her in the mouth with it. basicly she uses it like "chapstick"
hey babe, would you like some....SLAP STICK!!?
by sir slapsalot January 29, 2010
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To masturbate in ones own hand and jap- slap your friend (vito) across the face and run like hell.

Background: South Jersey.
Vito had a hard time dealing with another mans cum on his face after getting slapsticked.
by Mr.yukyuk November 17, 2004
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Someone who thinks he/ or she is funny, and crack themselves up over their own lame jokes, therefore making us laugh at them anyway
Our orofessor Dr. Allen
by SLAPSTICK April 01, 2003
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When a penis is used in a movement that creates a slapping sound against certain surfaces, and thus being 'A Slap Stick'..Or a 'Stick Slapper.!! or... ' Stick Slapping'.if this is done by more than one member!!! .. This is seen more common with people that have a length advantage over people with a girth advantage. But this is purely speculation and obviously depends on how people can manipulate their sticks!!!

They say..As long as you have a stick.... everyone can be what they want to be…….They say..there is ‘Slap Stick’ in everone!!!!!!!...... Just Believe!!
One girlfriend says to another….”Oh please…. That’s one ‘Slap Stick’ of a Man I need to Know…… Name… now !! Sister!!

2) A Brother to another..... Keep your 'slapping Stick' to yourself Bro... It's sound but just not my beat!! Ya Feel Meee?? x
by MJ C October 09, 2009
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A very dark style of comedy that is wasted on Millions of people from all Countries that offer entertainement Mostly america And japan. It is often refered to as Slapstick Violence,Slaptick Comedy Or Slapstick Humor. Slapstick Violence is basically comedy over people getting Punched,Kicked or even Killed.Often we see Slapstick Violence on Tv Shows On adult Swim And Fox, Alot of Movies And Alot of Anime!...
Go to youtube.com, failblog.org Or Watch Robot chicken And you will see what i mean! (Those have alot of slapstick violence)
by lepenishead September 27, 2009
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