a website devoted to the examples in society of people failing miserably or just straight up idiot activities.


Sterling Skidmore's Face book page

Evan- "Man, i saw the funniest shit on failblog.org!
it was this little kids hockey team picture and one of the boys was about to puke everywhere! It even showed the puke coming out of his mouth!!!"

Phil- "Thats odd, last night when I tried to failblog last night, I was redirected to some kid named Sterling Skidmore's Facebook"

by hammer_dong_balls69 January 16, 2009
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The act of failing so hard, that it is worthy of being on the failblog.org website. It can also be used as a word to describe someone's life or accomplished goals in which they brag about.(You can not like that person)
Bob:Did you see Ethan failing at Xbox last night?
Max:Dude he failed so hard, he failblog.orged.

Bob:Honestly Max, you just failblog.org at life.
Max:Your a bully =(.
by WeehawkenRules November 4, 2010
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