Acronym: sweet like a dick; as in awesome, sweet, cool
That pizza is so slad
by Scott, Sean, Brian January 27, 2008
That mixed feeling of being SAD that you didn't go out and you feel you missed out on something, but GLAD in hindsight that you didn't because you'd feel like shit the next day and get nothing valuable done!
"I'm so slad I didn't go out last night! I have lots to get done today..."
by McRadge April 10, 2016
A state of intoxication beyond what is normally achievable. Medically, the state is somewhere in between blackout drunk and alcohol poisoning and/or death.
He was so sladded, he puked on that girl he was talking to.
by Shotclock the Sandman March 12, 2010
a word to be posted on friends facebook wall or txt to friend when you have added a random slut on facebook.
by iamchink December 18, 2010
it's short for shit lad isn't it?!
"i'm such a slad for my improper use of portmanteaus" mattyboi
by mattyboi_bro_ames-white July 15, 2010
Feeling sad and glad at the same time.
After my long vacation I was slad to see myself back at work.
by Jose M. Laboy January 22, 2009