sexy lad: a guy that is sexy and "one of the boys." Seems cool.
swiping on tinder: yeah he's a slad
by gd6969 July 23, 2020
When someone is a total bitch for the sake of being a total bitch.
"Man, don't even want to go, why should I help set up?"
"Fuck you Slad!"
by Sarah Rottencrotch October 23, 2014
Tiny amount, just a tiny bit, small amount
I just had a slad of a piece of pie. Not much at all.
by Princesspink0816 September 16, 2020
A modem word for "sugar". Literally means sugar.
Hey bro, pass me the slad.
Do you want some slad in your coffee?
by GospodBog November 12, 2018
The Win face of dice that usually shows in game commonly or of by after rolling diced it.
I Won by my not usual slad.
by SiVibnm May 30, 2022
Feeling sad and sliding into more sadness
by Boo167 January 14, 2019