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The most sexiest guy alive and did i mention the most sweetest and lovable and horniest!!!
Diego Rulz
by Karina March 04, 2003

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A girl who eats oranges.
Karina ate an orange.
by Karina December 15, 2003

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To hurry up!To be prompt.
Yalla where leaving!
by karina December 28, 2003

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British designer clothing brand known for it's tartan check.
Many Japanese women wear Burberry, and whilst the vast majority of Burberry fans wear it tastefully, chavs make those who wear it tastefully look bad.
She's got a Burberry Blue Label handbag, which is only available in Japan!
by Karina June 16, 2006

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1< sh*t, but no-one will know you are swearing

2< god damn!

3< a)OMG?! b)Are you serious?
1< Holy Shw-ut, that's a huge spider

2< Sh-wut man.

b) sh w ut (this is said differently because you say it in awe)
by karina October 08, 2004

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Australian slang used alot lately showing someone not interested in doing something, or one who is lazy.
Robert: Hey lets go to the shop
Sam: Naa, slack!
by Karina September 09, 2004

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a derivative statement or expression from the noun/adjective/lifestyle/music "emo". having to do with, or relating to an action, such as crying, that favors negatively with those around Him.
god i swear chris is emotarded sometimes. did you see him cry just then?
by karina December 16, 2004

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