1. A villain with crazy hair
2. The villian from Showtime
2. The villian from The Transporter
3. The villian from The Returner
"Frank, diiis guy is the one who put the bomb in your trunk!"

Ceasar Vargas says, "You are the TV cops!!!"
by Rooster Cogburn April 28, 2005
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This Guy (Male or Female) right here. Usually refering to self, in a distinguished manner.
Dis-Guy, Dis Guy right here got 6%.
by PatsyCleinFace June 14, 2004
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Dis guy (dis~gáe)means that when the called out person is indeed a male (if assumed) then the person if an infantile pillock
Whereas if the called out person is a female ,then one shall aquire information about that person from anonymous sources
Dis guy ?!?!
What is wrong with you!?!??
by Dis~guy June 21, 2019
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