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Someone who plays Skyrim all hours of the night, has 50+ hours logged on the game and is addicted. This person is constantly playing Skyrim. This person no longer contributes to the economy because they spend all their time at home. Also this individual has no social life, because they end up neglecting their girlfriend and their friends. The only way a Skyrimer socializes is through chatting online with their friends while playing Skyrim.
A Skyrimer is a individual who stays up until two or three in the morning, sometimes pulling all nighters playing Skyrim.
by mryan707 January 17, 2012
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someone who enjoys giving someone a rim job while they are playing skyrim. or the other way around.
Josh is a total skyrim-er. He just skyrim-ed this guy last night, it was wild.
by JJ the Jizzer December 15, 2011
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