The most expensive fucking console to grace the world yet.
Gamer 1 - "Did you get your playstation 3 yet?"
Gamer 2 - "yeah... had to sell some shit though."
Gamer 1 - "Like what?"
Gamer 2 - "Both my kidnies....." (Dies)
by xion665 June 1, 2006
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OMFG it's the playstation 3, i'm having an orgasm!
by Amos Nusheg February 20, 2008
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"Hey Bobby, I just got my playstation 3."

"Man that junk is so Atari. My buddy just got a prototype of the playstation 4 he bootlegged in from Japan off a fishing boat. You should see the graphics!"
by rocketman1 September 22, 2006
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A console everyone secretly wants but are too big a bunch of whiny fanboys to admit it.

Despite being much more reliable than the 360, much more powerful than the Wii and a better deal, it recieved a stupid amount of hate from idiots. However, it's now turning around after outselling the 360 worldwide in 2007 and being set to utterly decimate MS's console in 2008.

It's equipped with a Blu ray drive (the only HD format left seeing as HD-DVD is all but dead), a Cell processor, built in wi-fi, full bluetooth support and an upgradeable HDD.

It will take advantage of Sony's wide 1st and 2nd party game support as well as a massive amount of 3rd party titles, unlike Nintendo and Microsoft who rely on 1st and 3rd party games respectively.
The PlayStation 3 doesn't break down if you look at it wrong and doesn't rely on a crappy gimmick in an attempt to disguise the ridiculously old hardware.

It is, in short, the only decent console this generation.
by giflorg February 18, 2008
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The best current generation console available. People complain about it because they couldn't wait for it to come out and wasted their money on an Xbox 360 or a Wii. They bitch about blu-ray, but it actually means that games with better playability and graphics will become available. Current software is pretty poor as its only just been released, but within a years time there will be some kick-ass games out.
Person 1 "The playstation 3 sucks ass, its far too expensive cos they put blu-ray on it."
Person 2 "Wait 'til Gran Turismo HD comes out, then you'll shut your mouth. If it didn't have blu-ray you'd have to have 50 different DVDs for each decent game. You only hate cos you can't afford it- you should have worked harder at school!"
by Bob with the big nob April 9, 2007
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An upcoming gameing machine (as at time of writing -02/01/06)from the Sony corporation. While no doubt a powerful gaming machine the PS3 is incredibly overhyped. It has a similar level of power to the Xbox 360 and will share a lot of 3rd party game titles with it. One of the potential drawbacks for the PS3 is it's complicated system architechture, which could make it difficult to get power from. Due in 2006/2007 (depending on where you live in the world) the PS3 is expected to be highly popular, regardless of how it actually performs.
See Playstation 3 reports from E3 2005.
Also see reports on falsified Playstation 3 game demonstrations at E3 2005 (eg Killzone 2, DMC3).
by Elrando January 1, 2006
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The next generation in gaming. Better graphics and gameplay the the wii and 360. It, though expensive, will out do any other system pre 2012.It costs a lot but it is worth every penny. most people say ps3 sucks only in blindness in rage over their obsession with the hatred towards playstation as a company.
tom: my playstation 3 makes the wii and 360 look like crap.

chris (360 fan): NO!!!....its just better

fred (wii fan): yeah...we suck
by lordethal December 22, 2006
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