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An Israeli slang word for the vagina of an obese girl or woman.
When a guy at the mall threw his Cinnabon to his girlfriend to finish, he accidentally hit her in the crotch. Jared started laughing and yelled, "She caught it, right in her Skonch!"
by Aeryck April 12, 2008
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Combination of the words bonch and skank. Basically a skanky bonch that would take in the pink or the stink....she doesn't care so long as she is being scandalous.
Angela: Look at Candi in that mini-skirt over there on the bar. Her bonch is practically hanging out.
Jinny: Those guys know they can get it because she is a total SKONCH.
by Kyle "Cash" April 28, 2006
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Strong-smelling, powerful marijuana -- a hybrid of "skunk" and "ganj"
We smoked some dank skonch last night!

You can smell that skonch from a block away...
by VellieEvans August 12, 2010
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yoke, thing, anything that you don't have a name for, noun or verb. It does not mean the rude thing that those other people put in about skank and bonch. I invented this word 4 years ago and have been using it ever since.
what's this skonch for?
i skonched last night!
by Ado the Dude May 10, 2007
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