A male who urinates sitting down.
Ryan: did you see Matt, he is such a skit spinkler!
by aavoqdl February 17, 2014
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A total minger, who on first glance causes your stomach to turn and your eyes to bleed
Steve: hey bill have you seen that fucking skit rat
Bill: OMG MY EYES!!!!
by Gildar March 13, 2012
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Another way to say "fucking shit" in front of a teacher/adult without getting in trouble
"Class we're having a test next Tuesday"

"Flipping skit!"
by pepe the froggy December 18, 2015
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Where homegrown groups act out a short film, then later edit it and release it on to their website and forum.
Nigel : "Hey, have you seen the new skit on www.scumvideos.co.uk?"
Dennis : "Yeah man, the acting was awesome"
Michael Moody : "Lets scam them for money!"
by Sam Evans September 17, 2005
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a group made by three people who are always together, and always have a crazy ass time, and laugh alot.
best friends, skit-squad, forever
by orange ball July 31, 2009
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When you mold a turd (a piece of shit) into a kit kat chocolate and make your partner eat it. see (scat)
rei: hey babe, you hungry?
george: yes
rei: give me your hands and ill make you a sKit sKat
by MC united March 14, 2008
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