someone you hate, your gunna kick his ass. thinks he's tough. un guillao. buster, sucker, a mark
i'm gunna kick that skit karl's ass tomorrow
by Dj Astudillo October 19, 2006
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a praying mantis looking creature who smells bad, doesnt believeing in brushing teeth, runs away from girls and fights,is obsessed with nigel and chris bohn, thinks the most random things are amazing, likes whatever team one on sports center this morning, is given a lot of crap like basketball and soccer training and still sucks, plays a lot of video games and still sucks, noobs off in those rags that you find in the corner of your basement, the worlds longest nipple hairs (even though he thinks chris bohns are longer), makes weird faces for no reason, swipes your hand when you try to give him his subway card back (and misses),best friends with a lion named ettaY who roams the world with lions,screams random things sometimes, weird ass laugh, cant burp correctly, cant hope a fence cause he is scared, hates his brother b myers but tells him everything like that dan used a coupon and mcdonalds, LOVES HIS MOM,.... if you come to and encounter with this creature he will tell you his name is scottie boy....and if you see it you should prob just run really far away..............o yeah........THE SEVEEEEEENTHHHHHHHHHHH GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADE....AND THE FIRST PLAY. yeah
kid: whats your name
skitty von skit skit: Scotty boy

Kid runs away
by hpaulqb10oyeahimdoinit April 28, 2009
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A phrase used when you are about to do something cool, dangerous or hard
Oi look mate, I'm on a skits mission!
by rymaxam October 26, 2017
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Used when friends are discussing a comical situation that might occur and end up launching into a verbal skit about it. Each friend takes on the role of a character and offers up different comments that might be funny in the hypothetical situation, often taking on a different voice. These verbal skits often go on to long and are milked to death. Without breaking out of character, someone involved in the skit can end it by injecting "Is this skit over?"
(pretending to order at a Dairy Queen)
Friend1 "I saw your sign and before ordering I'd like to let you know I'm allergic to peanuts."
Friend2 "Thanks for letting me know. What can I get you?"
Friend1 "I'll have a small cup of peanuts, please."
Friend2 "I'm sorry, I can't serve you that. You just said you're allergic."
Friend1 "Oh, they're not for me. They're for my friend. He's waiting outside."
Friend2 "So why did you tell me you're allergic?"
Friend1 "You're sign told me to."
Friend2 "Why can't your friend come in and order for himself?"
Friend1 "He's mute."
Friend1 "Is this skit over?"
by Robopoet March 24, 2005
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Friend 1: You you smoked some weed last night

You: Yeah it was skits cunt

Friend 1: shit cool cunt
by Skits cunt February 8, 2019
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The name tipically given to the treat "Skittles" by candy spokes person Trale Lewous. They are described as "a family of flavor." Originating from the waste from rainbow rabits since the mid-evil times, the treats was discovered in the 1950's. Trale Lewous's advertisements are often seen on youtube.
"Skit-tells is really good."
"Skit-tells is dreams."
by -SHPOOPLE- August 14, 2011
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