A questionable event brought up in conversation which has already happened, or has been planned out completely in the speaker's mind and is waiting for public approval.

Most probably the event has occurred with direct involvement of the speaker, but it may have just involved another party which has divulged the information to the speaker.
Woman: Hypothetical situation - If a girl were to come up to a guy and bend over to pick up a pencil so he would look at her ass, then yell at him for looking, does that make her a bitch?

Other Woman: Oh my god, you are such a tease!


Guy: Completely Hypothetical situation - A guy borrowed his bro's car and after backing into a telephone pole gently, heard a crunching sound. Nothing appears to be wrong with the car, but he's almost sure he broke something. Does he tell his bro?

Bro: If he doesn't want his bro to show him where Bangkok is, yes.
by Jack Lumber III December 18, 2011