Best way to wake up is with big digger and cold water

Had to get up at 6 for PT, so I went skinny dipping to get me going
by CFInfantry April 15, 2010
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the act of going into to a pool naked and fucking swimming with the hottest bitch in town
That bitch sucked me while we where skinny dipping
by Your moms pimp October 26, 2005
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The partygoers thought I was strange that I took off all my clothes before hitting the bong, but skinny dipping is the best way to swim.
by Kodiak April 29, 2005
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When you ejaculate in a girls mouth and she proceeds by gargling your balls.
“omg, Ryan is the most exciting guy i’ve ever gone skinny dipping with.”
by November 14, 2020
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redundant term for skinny dipping i.e. enjoying the out-of-doors naked, usually in or near a body of water.
'cuse me did you say "nekkid skinny dipping?" You fucktard.
by snatch'n'stuff October 16, 2009
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When better looking people than you are going skinny dipping, but because of your unattractiveness you know you just can't go.
I was at the lake and they were all going skinny dipping but I had to skinny dip out of there, because c'mon look at me.
by TGmedia October 2, 2015
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