a person whose has no positive qualities, and is horrible at everything he tries, lives by stealing and any attempts to help or offer assistance to this individual is misconstrued and ultimately tries to take the person who offers assistance down with him. Has no money and lies to himself about how things are supposed to work out, with the very far fetched fairytale like stories he tries to make true, even though he ultimately is the ultimate failure.
JAY ZONE- self employed and loving it (translation -self unemployed, stealing and a SKID)
by jayzonethebiggestskidinvancity September 21, 2011
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a generic term for underpants or knickers very common in Liverpool U.K.
my skids are killing me,

I'm going to rip my girlfriends skids off when I get home, there killing me.

Hey shitty arse change yer skids.

by Jim Fortress January 20, 2006
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Little pieces of shit that are hated by the roblox exploiting community. They will either leak a private script or will leak a unpopular script that is public, that the creator doesn't want you too leak. They will post on either V3RMILLION or Pastebin. They will go far as too act like they made the script, even though they have no concept of scripting/coding, and they probably cry in their bathroom all day long because they lonely.
Dang this skid really leaked this private script. That really sucks for the creators of it...
by Roblox skid killer June 16, 2020
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A General insult pertaining to any person, place, and/ or thing. It generally is used in the place of a adjectives such as : crappy, messy, gross.
"Wow, look at that skiddy car"
"Wow, you're such a skid"
by megsmess410 November 9, 2007
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Verb form of being 'hacked' by a script kiddie
No Greg the CIA didn't hack you it sounds like you used a stupid password and got skidded on.
by derpy_hooves August 11, 2011
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A person, usually male, who is greasy in either body or spirit.
guy 1: "So Gerald made out with that 14 year old last night,"
guy 2: " isn't he 24? damn, what a skid"
by chubbybearrrr December 27, 2008
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Truely a Canadian definition:
Skids are those dirty bags who hang around in the darkest, dirtiest corners of the school raving about who they want to kill the most because they cant fit into society. Although the acronym may lead some to believe they are truely street kids, skids have homes and most likely families to go home to so choosing to be nasty is their own fault.
Hey, Johnny, I heard that fat slob skid over there wants to kill you, I think he's also the one that slashed your tires cause everything you have is better than his.
by MseatonH March 12, 2005
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