being fired. a common phrase in oil and gas and skilled trades
Fuck sakes, a week away from my permanent posting and the fuckers skidded me. I'm off to the peelers to get sloshed.
by Farbutte Sequatraine November 12, 2016
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The degenerates of society, the skid marks on the underpants of the world. Low class, usually greasy and disliked.
Those who wear clothing such as skinny jeans and emo shirts, usually in bright and obnoxious colors. Their hair is most likely greasy and uncut.

Ones who stand out because they think they are cool and dont care that other people are disgusted by them.

Low class losers.

Example; So your walking down the hall and you notice that this one kid really stands out. He is wearing yellow skinny jeans, a red shirt, blue shoes and a purple sweater. You think to yourself, "WHAT goes through this skids mind when he looks in the mirror before he leaves the house?"
by Mechelle and Shelby November 29, 2009
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brown stains in your underpants from having a runny arse, or not wiping correct, or just doing lots of wet farts
when dave got changed for p.e. i noticed he had humungous skids in his trolleys
by kryton August 18, 2003
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Any type of footwear, though usually men's and/or sneakers.
Hey G, where'd you get them fly skids?
by purecoda December 24, 2005
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A real blunt not no pussy ass wraps,
EX: Backwoods, swishers sweets, dutches, real cigars or tabbacco leaf
To roll u have to split, unpack, moisten re pack with chronic or gas, tung work to stick it, fire to seal it then light that skid up
The boi - aye u tryna smoke a skid today
Hombre- I smoked a skid yesterday so ofc gotta smoke a skid a day to keep the doctor away
by ŸUNGBŁUNTĘD January 7, 2018
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Canadian definition: Commonly used to refer to someone who stopped evolving, and bathing, during the 80's hair band era. Generally can be found wearing AC/DC muscle shirts, leather jackets, and sporting a mullet. The term "skid" is in part derived from "skid row", which is both a band enjoyed by those the term refers to, as well as their address. See also white trash and trailer park trash
The skid next door got drunk and beat up his old lady.
by EgoAnt March 15, 2004
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