A state of being in which a hangover is so unpleasant that it renders the person unable to walk in a normal fashion. The person's stride is slow, erratic, and languid--thus resembling reanimated fleshless dead. If one goes "skeletal" they will undoubtedly lose an entire day to their hangover and will not be able to perform basic tasks.

The noun form is "skeletor". A skeletor typically spends his entire day watching TV from a couch while wearing sunglasses. He will move only to vomit.
~20 year old shuffles into kitchen on New Year's Day~
"I want to shit, but I know if I do, I'll throw up."
"John, you went skeletal dude."

~Two guys at party~
"Im on my sixth shot and we've only been here a half hour."
"Sam, you're gonna be goin skeletal by midnight."
by !KombatKing! January 1, 2011
Slang for finger

bruges ofte under sex
hun: det er simpelthen så dejligt, den måde du bruger dine skelet-pølser
by hamderfrannern March 2, 2017
Shoving a high powered light bulb up someones ass, and turning it on so that their bones show through as if from an x-ray machine.
We didn't have health insurance so we used skeletal lamping to see if any of his bones were broken.
by Alice McBatman September 17, 2010
When you have sex with a girl and grab onto her ribcage and lift her up and down
You could even go Skeletal Cruising (When you dive around looking for ladies you would want to skeletal cruise)
Last night i gave her a skeletal cruiser.
Last night I skeletal cruised Mindy.
Hey Arlis want to go look for ladies to Skeletal cruise tonight.

by RYAN MARIN April 17, 2007
Sends small skeletal muscle movements down your vertebral column
Me: Spooky Scary Skeletons!
Science Teacher: What's that?
Me: Oh... Spooky Scary Skeletal System!
Science Teacher: Sends small skeletal muscle movements...
Me: Down your vertebral column!
by CheesyChasay November 15, 2018
To skelet is to look ahead into the unlit unknown unpredictable room that is future and only know that you cant know anything for sure, you can only feel around the room and describe the shapes of things and how you think it might look but the lights are off youll never know what anything looks like for sure, yet its also knowing the room is so large you'll never find the light switch. And the room behind you is locked, so all you can do is skelet.
Wowza in enough time everything will be forgotten i feel so skeleted (in other words im an active user of r/im14andthisisdeep)
by MailliwLamps❤️✨ August 4, 2022
Skeletal muscle is one of the three types of muscle in the body. The tissue attaches itself to bone and represents a large portion of body weight on a human body.

The contraction of these muscles is responsible for movement in the body.
Person 1: *moves their arm*
Person 2: "Damn bro that's some fine usage of your skeletal muscles"
by craigellachie March 2, 2022