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Arlis is a person who is very intelligent and is very good at explaining things. Arlis is definitely a talker. Arlis also is a very caring person and will give people more chances than they deserve. He is always there for you when you need him and is very understanding unless he is mad. He is so smart and good achieving goals. He is good at saving money and making people happy. Arlis is the best person you could have in your life. Arlis is a very honest person and it is impossible to not love Arlis. Arlis is too attractive and has too many girls liking him. So whoever Arlis' girlfriend is, always thinks that other girls interfere and is very jealous even though she has arlis. She is scared to lose Arlis because he is the most amazing person in the world and if you don't know an arlis then you are missing out on knowing the greatest person to ever walk this earth. Many people look up to arlis.
That guy is such an arlis.
by imasister December 22, 2013
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"Arlis" -Belgian Decent , meaning; "that which comes from the Temple".

Noble and Diligent, strong integrity; One that walks a righteous path;Messenger of God.
He is an Arlis amongst Men.
by OftheTemple February 06, 2010
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