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Derogatory term for a (usually younger) female, implying trashiness or tackiness, lower-class status, poor hygiene, flakiness, and a scrawny, pockmarked sort of ugliness. May also imply promiscuity, but not necessarily. Can apply to any race, but most commonly used to describe white trash.
You know that girl Crystal that lives in the trailer park? She's a total skank.
by Greenie September 10, 2003
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1\ The act of cheating a person through dis:loyal and selfish means with no shame. Azz a verb: cheat, diddle.

2\ Foul un:hygienic stuff.

3\ Trashshy tacky un:hygienic person (chief:ly applied tu females)

4\ Hennce, Liberal Democrat.

5\ A complete:ly un:related Jamaican dance hazz the mis:fortune tu be called Skank.
1\ Nick Clegg promised tu oppoze tHat student loan dog-shit. Heez a total fuckan skank.
2\ Customer: THis yznt food, it's a heap of skank. Employee: THat will learn you tu come tu KFC.
3\ Man in the door-way of Westfield: Get out of the way bitch, you're a skank.
Skank bitch: Fuck you!
4\ Nick Clegg iz chief Skank and Deputy Prime Minister. Till next election, when the Skanks will looz most of their seats, probably including Clegg's seat.
5\ Man, can we stop calling this dance `Skank`? Me hate da blood clot Skanks man. For shizzle, da Skanks are fuckan skank.
4\ Ime a vewwy weasonable person, i think for my:self, i like Euwocwats, and i think the coalition'z dooing a good job, soe ime voting Skank again.
by croak108gmx April 15, 2013
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A derogatory term directed towards females, usually young, suggesting sluttiness, lack of hygiene, poorness, cruelty, tackiness, or use of drugs/alchohol/cigarettes. Can be used towards any race.
At the party, Christine gave head to half the guys there. She's such a skank.

That skank Carmen never bathes. That's why she always smells like shit.

Twyla lives in a shack with her trailer-trash family. She has, like, no money and has to share clothes with her five siblings. She's such a skank.

Regina is such a skank. She trashed all of Lindsay's notebooks, stole Maria's boyfriend, and turned the whole school against everyone in the math club. I hate her.

Do you see Amber, snapping her gum and flirting with every guy in that tight hot pink leather top? She's such a skank.

At the party, the usual happened. Victoria drank like a whore, did cocaine and smoked pot, and never let a cigarette out of her mouth. The skank.
by xxdecayingashes December 26, 2004
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A worthless skank who gets famous from making a sex tape, inexplicaby getting famous by society that just makes America look fucking stupider from all these idiots who for unknown reasons worship this whore who's a useless piece of shit that needs to be airlfted and abandoned to the farthest island away so she can rot away and not infest the US anymore with her worthlessness.
by someone who fucking hates kim October 31, 2011
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1. Someone who is a dirty woman that cheats and sleeps with other men

2. A ram root chum of a bitch

3. A woman who is so self obsessed with herself that she wants to go through as many men in her life as i go through toilet paper it's not funny...god damn skanks
by G.MAC March 30, 2006
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1) To dance to a reggae or ska beat. Usually consists of nodding, swinging your arms at a 90ยฐ angle or so, and kicking around your feet. Can be done alone, but is more fun in groups.

2) One who does not exhibit desirable forms of personal hygiene.

3) A whore, slut; usually a girl.
1) We went to see The Toasters with some other bands, it was awesome. Everybody was skanking!

2) Ugh, what a skank. I heard he went two months without showering once.

3) Paris Hilton: redefining skank.
by ska-o-riffic! April 09, 2005
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There are several definitions of Skank

1) To skank-verb-A dance to be preformed ONLY to ska, usually involving kicking your legs, andmoving your arms.
2)A term commmonly use to refer to a young woman (or sometimes male) describing un hygenic habits, very little clothing and usually hints at that they are "easy"
3) When you inhale Marijuana
4) When something is taked without paying, either stolen or given to for free (when not deserved)
1) My friends and i went to a ska concert and we were totally skankin!!!
2) person1: See her over there?
person2:Ya! She like never bathes or takes showers!!!
Person1: And she'll open her legs to any guy that walks by!!! She's SUCH a skank!!
3) Last night at Bob's party, there were so many people,and we were all skanking weed...
4) Hey! He totally skanked themoney off of his mom!!!
by Bex December 03, 2003
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