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Kind of like the tramp stamp. But on a girls ribs.

Tattoo down the side down the ribs. "Skank plank"
Hey look, that girl not only has a tramp stamp, but also a skank plank.
by Sgas July 06, 2013
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An elevated platform or object used as a dancing platform, commonly used by inebriated girls dancing to loud music at a bar or night club.
Harold and Kumar were elated at the sight of girls on the skank plank at the Korean party.
by da262 January 03, 2012
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A Skateboard/Long board that has been used for, or on during sexual activity's.
Dude I don't want to ride that skunts skank-plank.

They did it hella on his skank-plank, got everywhere; now his barings wont ride fer shit.
by Em0Tim0 September 06, 2008
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A slutty man's penis. Generally referring to his filthy genitalia.
I wouldn't touch his skank plank with a 10 ft pole.
by br March 05, 2015
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