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One who lives life to the fullest and is constantly seeking, encouraging, and embodying adventure and fun. It is known to not be easy however is strongly found to be fun.
Keep on skampin! What a little Skamp. I love you skamps. You're such a Skamp.
by PrinceCharming12946 September 10, 2013
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A little red eyed monster about 1 to 2 foot tall greenish/gray skin and bad attitude.
skamps:steal your remote,knock over your drink and break and or misplaces things around your house,do not take kindly to humans point blank there evil little bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!
by nayber August 03, 2006
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A female, usually of white descendants, who is a tramp yet so skanky she has made up a new fucking word. Thanks to her the English language has expanded almost as much as her pussy.
"Sugar is such a damn skamp"
by White dream May 12, 2017
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