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1. A whinging, whining, little annoying person.

2. A person who spends more time complaining about a job then actually doing it.

3. An annoying person who makes jobs harder then they need to be.
1. Will you shut the fuck up! I am so sick of your sitt.

2. Will you please get your sitt together and finish the job.

3. Why do you have to be a complete sitt all of the time Edwin?
by Boycenator November 24, 2011
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A foul-smelling orange funk that grows on one's ball sac after engaging in all night homosexual intercourse with an older man.
I should have used protection with my Calculus teacher. My balls got the Sitts yo.
by Stephen L. December 11, 2007
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The African American slang terminology for the Caucasian derogatory word "Shit". Often used by lower class people who are on welfare.
Sitt nigga, I be tryin' seep and you be causin' a ruckus.
by Dunkin "Dunks" Bradford IV March 03, 2008
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