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"SITHIE" also "Sither" which derives from, "See thee hither", (Come here)...) Is a Yorkshire and Lancashire term which can contextually mean either, "See thee", or "Hey, you!" *Sither*.
Sithi/ SITHER: Examples include, "Eyup sithi, am off art terneet. Is tha comin?" (Hey you. I am going out tonight. Are you coming too?) And, "Sithi lerter ode cocker!" (See you later my friend.)
by Spillage71 May 19, 2016
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The rubbing together of two tennis rackets after scoring a point in doubles tennis.
1. Yes! We scored a point! SITHER! *Rub tennis rackets together*
2. You missed the ball! Oh, well! You tried. SITHER! Once again, *rub tennis rackets together*
NOTE:May be followed by pinching of the girdle.
by horsefeathers90 November 08, 2005
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