1. Your Husband's, Brother's Wife

2. The annoying bitch who thinks she has been in the family longer, so she can command the family to do what she wants.

3. The Family Manipulator

4. The Bitch that won't be at my wedding.

*Your* sister-in-law will NOT be at our wedding, because that bitch does not know how to shut her mouth.
by Fucking Cunt Whore Bags January 29, 2009
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IT is an over weight, miserable woman,
related to Your husband.

IT is Someone who looks an awful lot like Your Monster In-Law.

IT is Someone who expects respect for no good reasons whatsoever.

IT is Someone who thinks She can say and do whateverthehell She wants, and get away with it.

IT is Someone who thinks she can have whatever She wants, especially rich married men (with children) who own businesses.

IT is Someone who wants You to have an abortion to make Herself feel better, because, the year before, She had one, and can't stand the thought of seeing a beautiful little newborn.

IT is Someone who has a really, really, realllllly bad snobby accent.

It was a Sunday night, in like 1998, There was a day off School the next day. So, on purpose We placed Our Children at a friend's house to go out to dinner with Hubbys family, knowing Sister-in-Law, AKA Home Wrecker, AKA Gold digger,AKA divorced3xLoser will be looking for FREE CHILD CARE for Monday and would have her kids with her at the Restaurant,with hopes to get a sleep over going at OUR HOUSE...Then, here weeeee go!! Hubby and I walk in (Childless,hahaha) to The Restaurant & Lisa starts screaming in a fit of rage...again...at her parents and everybody at the table "WHO'S GOING TO WATCH MY KIDS TOMORROW?!(((with a snobby acccent)))She sulked all night, was a B*tch to everyone, and She said, "PEOPLE NEED TO GROW UP". She wouldn't even look at Us the whole night.... It was WONDERFUL.

Summer 2001: Lisa is screaming in a fit of rage again... I NEED A CAR! Let me use Your wife's car! THIS IS MY WEEKEND!(((with a snobby accent)))

Way back when... It was 1995,I believe, after My Hubby's Brain Surgery: Lisa is screaming in a fit of rage...again! " YOU DON"T LOOOOVVVVVE MYYYYY BROTHERRRRRR! YOU DON"T DO ANYTHING FOR HIM. I LOVE MY BROTHER...(((With a snobby accent)))
by Wanda Marie July 18, 2006
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see also PITA
a) the female sibling of a person's husband or wife.
b) a troublemaking sibling of your wife who spends all waking moments trying to cause trouble between you and your wife.
c) (WVA only), see Aunt Gladys.
My sister-in-law, Danielle, kept encouraging my wife to dump me.
by ADubbs July 1, 2005
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A conceited stupid fuck with two idiotic offspring that still lick the windows at the bowling alley and get everyone and themselves sick. This is also the same moron that told her suicidal husband to put a bag over his head because he found another man’s cock in his wife’s mouth. It’s the dumbass you pray gets into a really really really bad accident.
I hope my sister-in-law gets eaten by a polar bear.
by Phaedrus3rd August 19, 2019
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1)The princess-bitch your brother marries because he never asked for your advice.
"Hey, that girl sure acts like Paris Hilton but looks alot like Hillary Clinton."

"Yeah, that's my sister-in-law."
by TheBetterKatie September 3, 2009
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Another ho who has the same pimp.

Usually hos call their pimp by the name Daddy, so any ho that has the same daddy would then be a sister. Members of the same pimp family are sometimes called in-laws, as opposed to prostitutes who work without a pimp that are called outlaws (or renegades). Put together, you get "sister-in-law."
Oh, her? She just chose up with Daddy, so I guess now she's my sister-in-law.
by veiledvenus June 27, 2014
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Is a sister much like an evil step sister
that you get pasella when you marry the idiot that you thought was the love of your life but is actually a lazy motherfucker who still needs his ass wiped by his mommy. Anyhow Sister-in-law is nother like a sister most of them are fat ugly bitches that should just die horrible painfull deaths. To narrow it down they are ugly bloodsucking wankers.
5 years ago:
Bianka: Hi my name is Bianka I love your brother.
Sister in law: You are not good enough for my brother he deserves to be with someone like Britney Spears.

Sister in-law: OMG my brother deserves better.
Bianka: o go fuck yourself ugly bitch I think he deserves Britney spears they are both useless fuckers that are soooo stupid and they both have smelly arm pitts.
by ma se tjops August 28, 2008
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