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A great African who Travels by his pet eagle, and goes country to country to fix people's hairlines. He is an awesome warrior from the tribe of Zimbabwe, Sirak decides if you're going to get DM's or not
"Hey pal I see your lining is out of line let the warrior from beyond the seas cure this disease of yours:-Sirak
by The Great Warrior February 28, 2018
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sirak is the definition of sirak. He travels the world in a wooden boat. He is a boss and has a big penis. He travels the world in his boat to share the wisdom of his penis.
I was astonished by the sirakness of his member.
by alyssa wilson June 14, 2008
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the most fugly person no cunt ever he spends all of his time sucking cock and watching porn he has the smallest peen and eating shit
God he was such a sirak last night
by ChrisBrownLova August 09, 2016
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