When going down on a girl while she menstruates and deciding you are going to slurp it up and put it in a jar to save for later.
When Tod opened his freezer for some cherry ice cream, he was horrifyingly surprised to find a jar of red siphon about to expire..... so he ate that instead.
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A Whore who drains the balls of all their cum with pussy, mouth or Ass. A girl who gives head and swallows. A slut that milks every last drop of cum from you and your buddies.
Let me tell you Kerry is a real Cum Siphon.

My wife is a cum siphon.

Last night we ordered a couple of Cum Siphons for the bachelor party tonight.

Not only is Melissa a real pretty girl, she is also a Cum Siphon.
by El Capitain July 3, 2018
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Fellatio performed on a small penis.
When asked about giving a hyphen siphon to the Asian guy, she said it was like drinking wasabi through a straw.
by David B Weingarten September 26, 2011
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One who siphons wangs.
Human A: We should hang out with George more often, he's a cool dude.
Human B: No, that guy is a wang siphon.
by jcrump March 18, 2008
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When you have anal intercourse with a Mexican prostitute and then proceed to ejaculate her fecal matter into another Mexican prostitute's mouth.
Dude those two fat chicks from the bar last night were freaky as hell, had me do something call the "Sinaloan Sludge Siphon." It was some ghastly shit man...
by papaRobC July 10, 2022
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Siphon also means the same as suck, a chicken can also be called a cock. So go siphon a chicken can also mean "go suck a cock"
jack : *being an idiot*
mark : oh, go siphon a chicken.
by blädrn svartr October 21, 2021
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When you're not near a toilet, so you pee in someone's butt and then they keep the pee there until they can properly transfer it to the toilet.
Bro, all the bathrooms are being used, I think I'm gonna have to use the Singapore Siphon, or we're gonna have a mess.
by DefinitelyNotLobsterfest February 25, 2021
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