Sion is such an amazing lad who is really gorgeous 😍
by Qwertkv October 13, 2020
A guy who want to find that one girl that's loves him for him
One that he can relate to and one he can show love to.
by Rock83626 April 17, 2018
A school where you get smarter.
No boys=No make up= More time to sleep= More time to study=Smarter.

The coolest school ever. Every day, we all feel like rock-stars. We have the best teachers who think it's their birthday everyday and own a facebook called T-Norbizzle. Everyone wants to be going to this school.
What school is she going to?
It's pretty cool so it must be Sion!
by FroshhhhBabyy January 7, 2010
Sion is a living princess/godess. She is the nicest person ever. She is crazy, loving, and really good in bed. She is the most energetic, weird, and perfect. She is that person you need to be by. She is creative, amazing, and brilliant. She has a sassy nature and is an amazing kisser.
There goes Sion.
That's so like Sion.
by A_swaggy_hipster March 16, 2013
Sion is a girl that’s probably in middle school. She looks down on herself (a lot). She is too scared to telling her crush that she likes him. She barely has enemy except for Grace. She has brown hair with a bit of blonde tips. She also have full eyebrows and brown eyes.
Person- roouuunnnndd table
Sion- rounnnnddd tablllleee
by Yassqween March 16, 2019
She is amazing in every way.
She's beautiful.
She's popular.
She's very smart.
She's very attractive.
She's so Sion.
That's a Sion move.
by Swaggie Hipster February 10, 2013