Simson the funny guy who has the ability to make anyone laugh and feel appreciated. Your brother/sisters friend that you have a crush on.
That’s a good one Simson!

Hi Simson
by Petit rabit April 3, 2018
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An utterly utterly terrible spelling of the word simpsons Generally spelled that way by losers and/or just a spelling error or typo.
User111: I hate the simsons
Coolguy19: Its SIMPSONS, not simsons you idiot!
by Grade-A January 26, 2005
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a fake sad person that just wants attention
I have a bart simson sad profile picture so I broken.
by not_sh4dow_06 February 17, 2021
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she is the most laugh-person you'll ever meet, she laughs nothing out of nothing. Ella is usually laughing, which most people ask, "Is Ella high on something?". Usually, she has brunette eyes and hair. When you hear a laughs when there's nothing funny, you always think of Ella
Person 1," Where's Ella simson , ###?"
Ella, "Hahahahahaha!"
Person 1, "Oh there she is ."
by bananajam1324 October 26, 2018
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A Simson is a motorcycle with a high speed of up to 80kmph
It was produced in the gdr and is part of the eastgerman culture.
You've got a nice Simson there
Or in German: Geile karre haste ori 50ger drinne?
by Eastgerman-worker September 7, 2022
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Homer Simson aka Tati is Noah's Girlfriend who is so very hot and likes to lick the back of my neck, ear , my face, alberto etc. anyways she's really cool and i once spilled sprite at her house that got in her hair and on her bed. i also lover her very very much
Noah Had Tatis snap name as Homer Simson in 6th garde.
by tatis bf April 22, 2022
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