When you leave the boyz on discord to talk to your bae
Where's Notphe, he was just with us in discord?

He's simping bro
by December 30, 2021
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Being pussy-whipped for a person who you are not in a relationship with. Also being obsessed and overly servicing to that person.
Guy 1, "yeah bro she was talking about how she wanted these shoes so I went ahead and bought them for her."

Guy 2, "Bro doesn't she always leave you on read and never talk to you unless she wants something? You're simping hardcore bro you gotta stop."
by Binaryincision October 24, 2020
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A type of music generally sung from an African-American male point of view, generally falling in the R&B genre (but can include some blue-eyed soul as well), whose subject matter focuses on one or more of the following themes: 1) How wonderful life IS to have a certain current romantic partner (generally a woman), 2) How wonderful life WAS when one had a certain romantic partner (generally a woman), 3) How horrible life IS NOW that one does not have a certain romantic partner (generally a woman), 4) How horrible life WAS UNTIL one found a certain romantic partner (generally a woman), 5) How horrible life WILL BE if or when one loses a certain romantic partner (generally a woman), or 6) How one will do anything it takes to keep a certain current romantic partner (generally a woman!). Popular R&B songs from the 1960’s through the 1990’s epitomize this (Such as songs from The Temptations, Barry White, Luther Vandross, and New Edition).
“Son, don’t put women on a pedestal. All that simping & blues music has you mighty confused as to how to act with them.” (OR) “Women expect too much from men these days because their expectations are set by all that simping & blues music.”
by DJ Dash September 12, 2021
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When person's hair makes them a simp magnet. As a trendsetter is considered Stray Kids' Hyunjin.
Simp: "OMG! Have you seen Hyunjin's blond hair? He's just so hot with them!"
Anti-simp police: "This right here is a classic case of simping hair."
by idedicatemyentirelifetoJesus August 30, 2021
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the phase wherein you simp over fictional characters
alexa is simping over 2d characters that doesnt know she exists
by joanna !! March 21, 2021
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When you don't have a crush on someone because of one or many factors.
"I don't think he's attractive. He went to mall jail. Sorry, I have simping standards."
by gnr1986 January 10, 2022
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Guy 1: Yo I got the CDG Converse.
Guy 2: Bro those are some simp kicks.
by enzobtw September 26, 2020
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