Escher is the most entertaining person you'll ever meet. He has that perverted and sarcastic hilarious humor. He is sweet and romantic when he needs to be. You can count on him to make you feel better at any moment. He is definitely the smartest person. He knows the answer to all your questions. He has multiple talents that will continue to amaze you. He is a musical genius. And not to mention he is cute, attractive, and handsome! Any girl who rejects him will definitely regret it later when they see how awesome he is! Any girl dating him is the luckiest girl in the world!
Person one; Wow, Escher is such a great friend!
Person two; Wait, you know Escher?!
by Baddumchee February 26, 2019
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A tall guy that only thinks about the bad and horrible parts about him and his life. He likes to joke about how he has no friends and how he is fat when he is not. his life is good and he has friends but he still has a hole in his heart where his live for someone else is. all he really wants is to have someone who wil like him because he is allways parinoid about how his friends hate him when they probably don't. he jokes about suicide like it's a throw-away joke.
Escher is a huge fatass
by Sanser October 10, 2019
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1. A tribe of amazon warriors in the game 'Necromunda.'
2. Last name of a popular artist specializing in optical illusions regarding bent space.
3. Someone who is not a game developer.
Regarding 3: Although he seemed to have inside information regarding future changes in the game, he was merely an escher.
by NotBlizzGM December 21, 2006
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MC Escher, or Maurits COrnelis Escher is a famous surrealist known for his illogical prints. He was born in 1898 and died in 1972. Some of his most famous works are Waterfall and Relativity.
MC Escher's Relativty gives me a headache...
(from a kid in my class :P)
by Annalisee JG January 15, 2007
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A vag which seems to fold in on itself endlessly breaking all laws of vaginal physics. Usually found during a Double Chunk.
"Look deeply in to my Escher vag and be not afraid for I have swallowed many a mortal man; penis."
by Dirtsnergerler July 4, 2015
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When an artist adds limbs to a character that are in impossible positions, thereby creating an optical illusion
"It looks like the subject in that painting is trying to sit down on the floor and kneel on the wall behind him simultaneously!" "That's some real Escher Anatomy for you!"
by An Angry Fedora May 4, 2019
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