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Place the female into the missionary position. Then while standing on the balls of your feet and bending the knees; place both fists firmly above the females shoulders. You will respectively be in a Gorilla Like position. Next thrust erratically into the females vaginal area. Now, right become reaching climax you must stand straight up over the female. While ejaculating over the defenseless female one must pound both fists on his chest while roaring.
Once I bring that chick home I'm gonna be silverbacking her all night long.
by SchweatyNuts January 28, 2011
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When a person angrily masturbates in the woods holding onto a small tree.
Dude, don't go where that tree is shaking. Someone's clearly silverbacking.
by raffiki234 April 26, 2015
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the act of hooking up with a very large black woman. alcohol plays a large factor in true silverbacking.
dude?!?! you were silverbacking that huge girl last night... she had to been at least 300 pounds!!
by menagainstslvrbcking September 21, 2010
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To have sexual intercourse with a fat black woman in the doggy-style position and then pull out and ejaculate all over her back.
John must have had his beer goggles on last night because he decided to go silverbacking.
by RyWally November 19, 2011
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Having anal sex with an abnormally hairy man, then upon reaching climax, pulling out your penis and ejaculating prodigiously on his back; once all ejaculate has been expended, rubbing said ejaculate into your hirsute partner's back hair.
Even though I came on him totally by accident, Glenn accused me of silverbacking him.
by Leptopterygius November 10, 2015
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