A person who has done jail time and fulfils four or more of the following criteria:

1) Is from a broken home, particularly with herion addicted parents
2) Is a herion addict
3) Slit an old lady's throat for 35 cents
4) Stole the faceplate of your car stereo rendering it useless
5) Uses Salvation Army vouchers to eat, yet drives a $70,000 dumped BMW
6) Asks 5 year olds if they are 'chasing'.
7) Someone stupid enough to get caught and go to prison in the first place.

Shoot these people in the face on sight. There is no such thing as reform or public reintegration.
1). Stupid junkie parolee stole my car stereo faceplate!
2). Stupid junkie parolee is selling 10kg of coke to an undercover cop!
by Yayo December 13, 2004
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