n. Name for a person standing in a toilet cubicle and taking it so hard up the sphincter that the pleasure they endure causes them to bite down on the windowsill in front.

Often refers to homosexual males, much like pillow biter, it can also refer to any person where the server is going in dry.
"Dave is such a sill chewer, he minces around town in a boob tube"

"What are you looking at sill chewer!"
by Refreshment Boxx April 4, 2010
The shortened version of calling someone a "Silly Billy." Often used when someone has done something inherently silly or foolish.
Jack - "Oh my god, you just spilt beer all over your shirt! You sill bill!"
by EljackDSnizzle January 20, 2019
A drunk sand hill. He is nearly incomprehensible, but is an expert craftsmen. Remains super athletic, but can hardly walk. He is not afraid to to pleasure his woman in public, and isn't intimidated by the sphincter region.
Person 1: Did you see Ham Sill last night? I couldn't understand a word he said and he almost fell over after every step, yet he somehow managed to jump over that table.

Person 2: Yeah, no kidding. And he was trying to finger his girlfriend on the couch in the lobby.
by Sphinxtor April 8, 2014
100% a simp and he is so annoying to the point that u want to kill yourself and is the worst duo partner in fortnite, he simps for his girl best friends he says he loves them and calls them babby mammas and wont leave them alone
wow your like like sills the simp
by bigbilly44 November 2, 2020
Crazy, Wild, Well liked, Quite the smooth talker, Aggresive, Dangerous, Well endowed, Extreme Performer, Over-all inclined to achieve greatness.
That guy just went Mike Sills on her. The boy is smart and talanted you could call him a young Mike Sills.
by guero1088 February 4, 2010
My loneliness-is killing me. And I, I must confess, I sill believe!!!!!!!!!!!! (still believe), is a part of the revolutionary song Britney Spears sang.
Person 1 :"My loneliness-is killing me. And I, I must confess, I sill believe!!!!!!!!!!!! (still believe). When I'm with you I loose my mind, give me a siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing. HIT ME BABY ONE MORE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

Person 2 : Yooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Are you singing that legendary Britney Spears song?

Person 1 : YEP!!!!!!!!
by Ashyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy February 8, 2021