A very pretty girl who has lots of respect and is so beautiful and talented she has a unique smile and is very goofy she’s very loyal person she doesn’t play and is a great loyal person to be around .
“”Omg is that Zion”
“Omg yess
by Laylaa e July 17, 2019
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A funny, weird, cool, cute guy who tries to keep as many friends as possible. He's the best guy friend or boyfriend you could ask for. He usually doesn't respond to texts right away because he usually busy or focused on his life at that moment to keep his friends and family happy. He's shy at first but give it a week of hanging out with him and he's your best friend. He gives great hugs and can make you laugh whenever or wherever. Zion is basically the perfect guy.
Guy 1: "Dude have you met that Zion guy, he's super real and cool."
Guy 2: "Yeah bro, he's so legit and funny."

Girl 1: "OMG Zion is so cute and hilarious!"
Girl 2: "I know even the cheerleaders are talking about him!"
by Official Barrack Obama January 5, 2015
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Good looking boy , picky over girls, usually makes others smile, has an amazing Genuine Personality and is very loyal and someone that works hard...
Zion is so kind
by Fhxy April 23, 2019
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A very chill person that you can talk to when you're feeling down. A person who makes you laugh is really sweet and extremely beautiful.
Man last night I talked to Zion about my problems an she made me feel better.
by thatawesomekidd July 6, 2017
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Zion is a person who stands out of the crowd. He is the cream of the crop with many talents. He is a PRODIGY at most things and is very unpredictable. He is really smart and is also really strong able to snap somebody's neck with a tap. He is also quite tall and able to jump high. He is a bit weird at times though and says things without thinking.
Boy 1: Zion is so good at football, he is special.
Girl 1 : Zion is so funny
by Shanequa the pengest March 24, 2019
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She is such a great friend. Although she may be shy when you first me her she is an amazing person. If she’s insecure that’s ok because everyone is different. Once you get to know her you’ll love her and be happy that you ever became friends with her. Don’t forget never give up on her and always be there for her because she loves you unconditionally
“Omg is that Zion I love her”
“I want to be best friends with her she’s so nice!”
by Getallthenewshere October 24, 2019
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If it is a girl, she is beautiful (fine), and very nice, but sometimes is too nice. She is slim thick, a lot of boys like her but the boys are afraid to show it. She sometimes in yearning for a love life, but doesn't care at the end of the day. She usually is only in to one boy, but doesn't know how to tell other boys that in a non- heartbreaking way. She is fierce and knows how to be put in check. She is funny, and everyone loves the way she is, and everyone likes to hang around her. She has a best friend that she oh so loves and hopes to never brake apart. She is Special, Unique and One of a Kind.
Zion is the most prettiest girl in the school.
Zion is different from other girls.
Zion has a different personality, but in a good way.
If i go to Zion, she'll cheer me up!
by Anomnomys123 February 7, 2019
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