anyone who has a serious addiction of continuing to buy,or wanting to buy, any of the SIG line of firearms
I heard Brian bought his fifth SIG pistol today. He definitely has the signess.
by Gerginator May 10, 2011
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When someone says something and it is placed into the signature (on forums) or a profile as a quote.
psychopath129 (2:17:24 AM): so what if i have aids?
fozzythemuppeteeer (2:17:29 AM): LAOL, sigged
by Fozzy May 3, 2006
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/sig/ is the self improvement board of 4Chan. It is full of absolute legends, and the only place other than /fit/ I would genuinely recommend on the Chan.
Person 1: Dude 4chan is just a bunch of lolicons and fags
Person 2: Have you looked at /sig/ or /fit/?
by PhilMcCrack July 5, 2021
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Short for signature. It is someones signature thing they do or something they do a lot. Originated in Sammamish, Wa around the year 2005.
Guy 1: "Graham just said something really dumb"
Guy 2: "wow that is so sig"
by 5oul 3ater May 8, 2007
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Short for "signature". Most recently used in relation to forum signature images.
Person 1: Have you been over to Allen's sig shop yet on the forums?
Person 2 (proudly): Not yet... I'm still using the sig from the last forum I was admin of.
Person 1: Dude... It's a pic of a baby in a diaper... This forum is about high-powered weaponry... Get a new sig, man.
by A. Prog. August 17, 2011
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Shorthand for SIG-Sauer, a German-based manufacturer of some of the finest tactical pistols and rifles on the market. The acronym stands for "Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft," German for "Swiss Industrial Company." SIG, a Swiss firm, partnered with JP Sauer & Sohn, a German company, to form SIG-Sauer and broaden the market for their firearms. SIG pistols are used by the US military, the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS), the US Secret Service, the US Department of Homeland Security, and law enforcement all over the US. SIG pistols are available in several different configurations and several popular chamberings, including 9mm, .45 ACP, .40 S&W, .357 SIG, and .380 ACP. SIG pistols have a well-deserved reputation as being extremely well-made and highly reliable.
Did you see the SIG .40 that cop was packing?
by AirbornePathogen July 30, 2011
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220, 225, 226, 228, 229, 239. The 232 is kind of gay though.
by Big Eddie Scharf June 22, 2005
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