She loves ❤️him …
He loves 💗 her beyond any words
Someday they will be
by Wanderlust_721 April 25, 2022
This ❤️ is eternal

I promise you love that even if time passes

I'll keep looking for this feeling to stay alive
Nothing will be easy but I pawn you my soul

I want us to spend life together on the same pillow
Their love is 226.
by Wanderlust_127 July 8, 2022
"Hit the strip checkin chicks, watch for the 5-0 cuz in the back i got 226"
by dropscience08 March 30, 2005
A chill ass school fill with bums, hood niggas, and ghetto bitches
Jay Quan: “yeooo, what school u go to?”

Elijah: MS 226 wassup ni**a whatchu wanna do?”
by Treeeeessshhhhaaa September 10, 2021