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Short for "signature". Most recently used in relation to forum signature images.
Person 1: Have you been over to Allen's sig shop yet on the forums?
Person 2 (proudly): Not yet... I'm still using the sig from the last forum I was admin of.
Person 1: Dude... It's a pic of a baby in a diaper... This forum is about high-powered weaponry... Get a new sig, man.
by A. Prog. August 17, 2011
For Your Amusement
FYA, here's some pictures of my vacation.
by A. Prog. April 22, 2010
The Emoticon " :\ " can be used in a multitude of different ways. In general, however, it means the person is confused about something, and either hurt, concerned, or doubtful. Some of the ways it can be used are:

1. When following a question, can be used as a confused, concerned prompt.

2. When following an odd statement, can mean confusion, and a prompt for an explanation. Sometimes followed with "?".

3. When following certain statements, can mean the person is hurt, and wondering if the person is really serious, or playing around. Usually preceded by a "?" prompt.

4. Can mean "Sigh, that's not very helpful... Could you be more specific?"

5. Can mean "Ouch... What was that for?"

6. Can be used simply to express the person feels hurt and confused.

7. Can be used to express that the person is somewhat doubtful.

It's often used in text messaging, emails and IMs. Like all Emoticons, it won't be found in some places, where the style of writing is too formal (i.e. blogs, manuals, eBooks, etc.), it won't be found, and should not be used.
1. What's wrong? :\

2. Person A (out of the blue): I like these!
Person B: :\ ?

3. Person A: I can't believe you.
Berson B: ? :\

4. Person A: Idk.
Person B: :\

5. Person A: You're really strange.
Person B: :\

6. What did I do? :\ Why are you upset with me?

7. Person A: Nothing's wrong.
Person B: :\ Okay.
by A. Prog. April 24, 2010